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    HFFR and Antimony Free FRs for Home Appliance

    HFFR and Antimony Free FRs for Home Appliance.

    Tosaf presents breakthrough products in masterbatch or compound form.

    Flame retardants for home appliances have traditionally been based on components that contain halogen, in particular bromine and chlorine. Halogen-containing components offer excellent FR efficiency at a relatively low cost.

    However, there is significant evidence that the migration and breakdown of halogenated structures cause environmental harm. Halogen can also cause bioaccumulation, especially in aquatic species. In the last decade, new regulations such as REACH, RoHS and WEEE have been legislated in Europe, the US, and other countries, which have led to the banning of several well-established flame retardants.

    The global market is gradually shifting to halogen-free flame retardants, and FR suppliers face the challenge of offering new halogen-free FRs (HFFR) that provide high efficiency at competitive costs. HFFR options already exist for certain polymers, including polymers used in home appliances (refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners). However, some of these solutions are higher in cost and are less sufficient and stable compared to halogen-containing solutions.

    Tosaf’s Innovative HFFR and Antimony-Free Response

    Tosaf has extensive experience in developing new FR solutions in accordance with changing market needs and regulations, which is further enhanced by the company’s raw material and production process expertise. As a result, Tosaf’s experts were able to create an optimal halogen-free formulation composition that passes stringent FR tests that measure heat release rates, smoke development levels and flame spread or burn through results. The composition is also cost-effective for customers.

    HFFR Solutions:

    To meet the FR needs of home appliance manufacturers (including, for example, lower thicknesses), Tosaf launched several breakthrough products in masterbatch or compound form for diverse polymers such as ABS, HIPS, PP and PE:

    FR7903PP EU Compound : a halogen-free FR based on a unique ceramification FR mechanism (while burning, the material not only creates a char layer but also forms a ceramific structure) that meets UL94 5VA standards at 1.6mm. additional characteristics include low smoke and low heat release, which allow the compound to pass severe FR standards such as:

    • EN13501-1 BS1do
    • NFPA 286
    • ASTM E162
    • NF P 92 503/507 M1
    • LPS 1207

    FR2655PE EU Masterbatch: A form of the above material, which can be used in PP or PE polymers. Developing the masterbatch equivalent for this material was very challenging, due to the high doses of active ingredient needed to meet the EN13501-1 BS1do standard.

    Antimony-Free Solutions:

    Halogen-free solutions have one clear disadvantage: limited process temperature (below 280 ⁰C). This disadvantage is the main reason that manufacturers that work with high temperature processes and demanding production conditions still use halogen products.

    In the halogenated FR category, Tosaf developed an antimony free-halogenated FR masterbatch line, which meets the home appliance market demand for antimony-free products. Antimony is an essential synergist for halogen systems, but is considered a carcinogenic substance.

    Overcoming the challenge of finding a high-level antimony substitute for a halogen product, Tosaf formulated a solution that performs at the same FR efficiency level for PE, PP, ABS and HIPS applications. Examples of HIPS commercial materials:

    FR8997PS EU Compound: an antimony-free FR HIPS compound that meets the following standards:

    • UL94 V0
    • UL94 5VA 2mm
    • ASTM E162
    • NF P 92 503/507 M1-2
    • LPS 1207

    FR8669PS EU Antimony-Free Masterbatch: can be used with HIPS and complies with the following standards:

    • UL94 V0
    • UL94 5VA 2mm
    • ASTM E162
    • NF P 92 503/507 M1-2
    • LPS 1207