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    Sustainability in Tosaf

    Recognizing the global demand for more sustainable practices in plastics manufacturing, Tosaf makes every effort not only to develop environmentally-friendly, non-polluting, recyclable products, but also to drive a perceptual change within the organization.

    In our organization

    With a firm belief that sustainability begins at home, at Tosaf we take measures and implement initiatives that reduce our own carbon footprint in three core areas:

    Energy Reduction

    • monitoring water and electricity levels, ensuring machine motors consume energy economically – even during standby hours
    • upgrading key infrastructure to make it more ecofriendly
    • using alternative energy technologies, such as LED lighting solutions throughout our facilities and use rooftop solar panels at our main manufacturing plant.

    Wastewater Management

    • reducing and reusing wastewater in our operations
    • ensuring safety standards in the wastewater leaving our facilities.

    Waste Reduction

    • purchasing packaging materials that comply with efficient recycling procedures
    • streamlining our own recycling efforts by classifying and sorting waste into categories
    • designating materials for reuse where possible
    • recycling electronic waste such as computers and printers.


    In our flagship products:

    Odor Scavenger – Absorbs and eliminates the rancid odors that develop in recycled materials throughout storage and processing, enabling plastic convertors to successfully use low-cost, environmentally friendly raw materials. Approved for contact with food (FDA, EU 10/2011).

    Flow Enhancer (CRPP) – Improves the processability of recycled raw materials, contributing to faster mold-fill rates and shorter overall cycles, without compromising on mechanical properties or costs. Safe to handle, transport and store, it complies with food contact and REACH regulations.

    NIR-Detectable Black MB – Offers strong black color, and ensures full recyclability by enabling detection by near-IR (NIR) radiation used in recycling plants to detect and sort plastics. On-demand color matching and resin selection

    MATTE for PE – Offers excellent brightness in light transition with no transparencies, while delivering a premium chic look and feel for an environmentally-conscious alternative to matte coatings. Suitable for polyethylene films, it requires no additional converting processes, and can be used for thin skin layers (5-7 microns).

    Non–Halogen Flame Retardant Additives – Flame retardant additive masterbatches that use environmentally-friendly, recyclable non-halogen additives. Premium-quality active ingredients and innovative formulations help customers to achieve high-level product performance, while supporting resource efficiency and environmental protection.

    Recycled Coffee Grounds – Re-using spent coffee grounds & Eggshell and incorporating them into plastics, Colloids has successfully incorporated up to 30% of coffee grinds into biobased, compostable and recycled polymers, without affecting performance.

    Bio-Based MB Carriers – A cost-effective universal carrier, suitable for coloring different biodegradable polymers, enabling easy incorporation of color masterbatch at low temperatures, and color customization.

    Recycled Brier film packaging – A range of products for us in production of for recycling barrier sheets.

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