Tosaf Raffia & Fibers


As the leading additives supplier for the raffia & fiber industry, Tosaf offers a full range of high quality products at competitive prices.

The main product used in the industry is the UV stabilizer. The Tosaf innovative UV stabilizers prevent physical degradation, such as loss of tensile strength, loss of elongation property, and loss of impact strength. These excellent UV stabilizers are also designed to minimize water carry-over (WCO) during production.

In addition, the Tosaf UV stabilizers assist in retaining the product's appearance by preventing discoloration, surface crazing, hazing and gloss loss.

Tosaf offers a variety of UV stabilizers – food-grade or non-food-grade, and either natural or combibatch (UV+white) – to meet the client's requirements.

Additional additives for the raffia and fiber industry also include anti-split (low dust), coating compounds, flame retardant, colors, white and custom additives.