Tosaf Agriculture


Over the past few decades, the use of plastics in agriculture has grown dramatically.
Farmers who use plastic films recognize significant benefits, such as improved quality, increased yields,
earlier harvests, reduced use of herbicides and pesticides, and decreased water and energy expenses.
Main applications include greenhouse films, mulch films, silages / bale stretch wrapping, nets, geomembranes
and tarpaulin, and non-woven fabrics.

As well as producing state-of-the-art masterbatches for these applications,
Tosaf also works with its customers from the design and prototype stage to commercial production.
The Tosaf R&D team's leading technical expertise in Plasticulture, supported by farmers and agronomists,
result in custom-made solutions and innovative developments that meet our clients' specific requirements.

Product range includes UV stabilizers, IR, anti-fog, light diffusers, colors, and custom additives,
which can be suited to type of crop, geographical area, and chemical environment.