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The outdoor furniture market must adapt quickly to changing trends and customer demand. From our extensive experience, we know the importance of understanding the needs of designers. This is what enables us to help them turn their dreams and ideas into reality, taking into account all their specifications and compliance with relevant regulations.

Outdoor furniture may be susceptible to cracking, color distortion and mechanical failure caused by exposure to the elements. Our range of products protect the furniture from these factors, enabling it to maintain its strength, integrity and color boldness well into the future.

Using all available colorants, we can obtain a match with any color of the visible spectrum. Moreover, we can also provide visual effects such as fluorescent, metallic or pearlescent, to give excellent gloss or shine.


Laboratory testing

Using state-of-the-art testing equipment, our laboratory staff are able to test a sample of your product for characteristics such as strength and stress resistance. If we find a problem, we can then advise you on what additives are needed to afford the necessary protection.

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Outdoor furniture is by its nature required to withstand deterioration over time caused by UV light, which can result in cracking and affect the surface appearance. Our range of masterbatches eliminate or vastly reduce these effects of UV radiation and photo-oxidation.

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Impact modifier

Furniture must be strong enough to withstand weight. We offer additives that improve the strength of the material.

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Special effects

We offer a range of special color effects, including wood, stone, fluorescent, metallic, pearlescent and more.

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