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PP & PET non-woven materials have had a big impact on improving the quality and lowering the cost of disposables and non-disposable products. The disposables market serves sectors as diverse as consumer products, hygiene, filtration, medical and more. The non-disposables market answers the needs of those working in construction, electrical and electronics, carpets, rug and furnishings. As well as the wide range of color shades in our archive, we can develop tailor-made colors according to your specific technical and esthetic needs.


Easy processibility & quality

Non-woven production involves a highly sensitive process, so it is critical to select the correct masterbatch. Our masterbatch portfolio has been developed from pigments that have high heat resistance properties and good dispersion. The sustainability of our process quality helps our customers to improve their productivity.

Regulatory compliance

Given the hazardous chemicals and substances that are involved, many regulations apply to the production of synthetics. All our products are supported by the necessary documentation, such as REACH and ROHS, to ensure compliance with these regulations.

Fast response time

Our archive contains a wide range of colors, and our laboratory is well equipped, enabling us to deliver new, cost-effective formulations with fast response times to your technical issues.

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For a color MB to be suitable for this application it must contain pigments with high light fastness and weatherability, and high dispersion to avoid tears in the fabrics. Our high-quality color MB gives producers these qualities.

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