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Over the last 20 years, polypropylene-based compounds have been increasingly used in home appliances to replace raw materials like metals and other expensive thermoplastics. Appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines require qualities of rigidity, chemical resistance and high thermal stability. Appliance parts have also become more complicated in terms of shape and thickness, and need to be long-lasting and able to withstand heavy usage. Esthetics play a role in customers making a purchasing decision, so external shape, color and effects like matte and high gloss must also be taken into account.

At Tosaf, we have the polymer and additive knowledge required to create the optimal compound composition for each application, and the flexibility to make changes quickly to meet the complexities of the production process; the required functionality, such as low cycle time and energy saving parameters; and consumer demand for long-term resistance to mechanical stress, high temperatures, UV radiation and contact with detergents and water solutions.


Regulatory compliance

With an extensive knowledge of the specific standards and regulations relevant to this application, we are able to ensure absolute compliance in all our products and formulations – whether standard or custom made.


As well as considering the final application, we take into account your production process in terms of viscosity, thermal resistance, shrinkage and warpage behavior, to ensure that our compound has the necessary properties for ease of processing.

Chemical resistance

When creating compounds for this application, we consider specific end-use factors, such as high temperatures or detergents, which may cause damage to parts, make them more brittle, or affect their color or shape.

Color matching

The color white can have a yellow or blue base. We carry our accurate color matching to ensure color consistency across different parts of your appliance, which may be made of different plastics.

Our Products

PP Compound

Given the stringent requirements of this application, our compound provides the following properties: chemical resistance, to prevent cracking or degradation caused by detergents; thermal stability to withstand high temperatures; a good balance of high stiffness to maintain form and rigidity, and toughness to withstand sudden impact stress without cracking; and protection from UV light, to minimize deterioration over time of mechanical properties and surface appearance.

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