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Thanks to technological advances, Tosaf is able to produce tailor-made additives for use in greenhouse films, to support the dual goals of a reduced need for arable land and maximum yields per acre. Our range of products address the key requirements of controlled heat/light transmission, reduction of the film’s surface tension, controlled mechanical properties and excellent UV stability with high chemical resistance.
Working together with film manufacturers, we apply the decades of experience and know-how that have made us world leaders in our field to design the exact film that meets specific crop, location and climate requirements.


High chemical resistance UV MB

With the implementation of new regulations, many first-generation pesticides have been phased out. As the use of Sulphur as a replacement pesticide increases, so does the need for high chemical resistance UV MB. Our unique UV MB offers a cost-effective solution.

Permanent Anti-virus UV MB

Since the 1990s, when blocking UV light was identified as a way of preventing virus-carrying insects from infecting crops, it has become common to add organic UV absorbers to greenhouse film. However, these have a limited life span, meaning that the film can lose its anti-virus properties after as little as one year in high irradiance areas. Our anti-virus UV MB boosts the effect of the absorbers, creating anti-virus films that offer permanent UV absorption.

Long lasting Anti-fog MB

When water drips on a crop, it can accelerate the appearance of rot and may cause leaf scorching. An anti-fog additive will eliminate this problem. Whereas anti-fog activity usually lasts a year on a film that lasts at least two years, we have developed an effective anti-fog MB that lasts for at least two years.

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The two most important characteristics of a greenhouse or tunnel cover are that it does not prematurely degrade, and that it will not harm the crop. Choosing the right UV package is crucial to achieve this: it should match the relevant climate, pesticides, growing techniques and of course the crop itself. We will take all of these parameters in consideration before recommending the best solution.

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IR (Infra-Red)

IR MB can increase the temperature inside the greenhouse by 2-3 °C to avoid damage to the crop caused by night frosts. It does so via its intrinsic property of affecting the diffusion of visible light. We offer a wide variety of IR MB to suit conditions in different parts of the world, at different growing seasons.

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AF (Anti-Fog)

When the temperature outside the greenhouse is colder than the temperature inside, water dripping can occur. We have developed a range of unique anti-fog products to eliminate this problem in both cold and hot climate zones.

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One of the major obstacles faced by farmers is a reduction in light transmittance caused by the accumulation of dust on the film. Our anti-dust MB ensures better results when the film is washed between growing seasons.

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When two adjacent polymer layers stick together, or ‘block’, the rolling of the film becomes impossible. Our anti-block MB eliminates this problem effectively.

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Cooling MB

An increase in the temperature inside the greenhouse may affect the viability of the crop’s pollen. A cooling MB will resolve this issue, and lengthen the growing season in hot climates. Unlike other additives commonly used for this application, which reduce the light transmittance in the PAR by cutting off certain parts of it, thereby affecting the morphogenesis of the plant, our cooling MB does not negatively affect the crop.

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