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In light of stringent sustainability legislation, and the need to reduce weight and costs in production of electronic components, plastics have become the material of choice for internals such as housings, enclosures, sockets, switches and wiring components. In these applications, designers are looking for thermoplastics that dissipate charge and provide barriers to electromagnetic energy. The challenge is to convert inherently insulating thermoplastic materials into a product that provides anti-static or electrostatic dissipative or EMI/RFI shielding, or combination of these two properties.

At Tosaf, we have extensive research and development capabilities and can offer solutions for multiple grades of materials to meet the unique demands of the electrical and electronic industries.


Dielectric Strength

Polymeric compounds used for insulation need high dialectic strength, coupled with low dielectric loss, in addition to being easy to process. It is also becoming increasingly important that the compound be recyclable.

Low VOC Emissions

As they heat up during operation, electrical appliances can release volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOC) and hazardous chemical substances. These can have an adverse effect on internal air quality, which has for many years been recognized as a major cause of health problems. We are careful to select additives, colorants and base polymers with low VOC content that are suitable for use in electrical appliances.


Differentiation in design and style is essential in creating consumer appeal for electronic and electrical goods. As a leading supplier of color, black and functional masterbatches, we are the partner of choice to the electrical and electronics sector.

Superior mechanical properties

Whatever polymer you are using, we can formulate our compounds and masterbatches to give you the optimal balance of mechanical properties, such as tensile, flexural, impact, hardness, creep resistance, heat deflection temperature, hysteresis and thermal mechanical.

Our Products

Fire Retardancy

For the high degree of fire retardancy required in electronic components, we offer a range of formulations that not only offer resistance to fire, but also a safe reaction to fire.

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Low Friction

High-speed, low-friction jacketing technology provides significant cost savings to the electrical contractor and added flexibility to installation. Our range of color and black masterbatches incorporates low friction additives that are ideally suited for this application.

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High UV

UV radiation and photo-oxidation can cause mechanical properties and surface appearance to deteriorate over time. We have developed a range of masterbatches that eliminate or vastly reduce this problem.

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Thermal management

Electrical components can become very hot under electrical loadings, adversely affecting power consumption, durability and integrity of the component itself. We offer a range of polymer masterbatches that control thermal loading in black and other color surfaces, while maintaining dimensional stability, weather resistance, impact resistance and anti- electrostatic, and adhering to esthetic criteria, without making concessions to process ability.

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Laser marking

We offer many proven technical solutions that enhance the effect of a laser by improving charring, creating a dark mark, or improving foaming to create a light/white mark.

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