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PP & PET filaments known as Bulked Continuous Filament (BCF), are mainly used in the carpet industry. PP & PET filaments known as Continuous Filament (CF) are mainly used in home textiles, underwear and furniture.

Synthetic fibers, in particular BCF and CF, offer several benefits over natural fibers in these applications, including ease of processing and coloring, high production output, ease of cleaning, lower cost, unlimited color options and anti-microbial and anti-static properties.

As well as an archive containing a wide range of color shades, we can offer tailor-made colors that meet your technical and esthetic.


Easy processibility & Quality

Because of the process sensitivity of BCF & CF production, selection of your masterbatch is very important. Our masterbatch portfolio is made up of pigments that have high heat resistance and good dispersion qualities. The sustainability of our process quality helps our customers to improve their productivity.

Comply with regulations

The production of BCF and CF is governed by various regulations. Our products come with all necessary compliance documentation, including REACH and ROHS.

Fast response time

Thanks to the wide range of colors in our archive and our well-equipped laboratory, we are able to quickly provide new, cost-effective formulations that answer your technical needs.

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For a color MB to be suitable for this application it must contain pigments with high light fastness and weatherability, and high dispersion to avoid tears in the fabrics. Our high-quality color MB gives producers these qualities.

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