Additives Division

The Additives Division is indeed the foremost cornerstone of the Tosaf R&D activity.
The highly experienced and dedicated research teams, led by PhD experts, are responsible for providing the various segments of the plastics industry with innovative additives.
Specializing in each of the following markets is a team of top-notch experts who develop tailor-made and off-the-shelf quality additives.

Tosaf's mission is to produce best-of-breed products for the plastics industry at all times by applying cutting-edge techniques and keeping up to date with the latest progress in the field.
This is why our Research and Development Divisions continuously co-operate with renowned research and academic institutions, and with the Office of the Chief Scientist.
Laboratory is fully equipped with and continues to invest in the most cutting-edge technology, including Spectrophotometers, QUV, FTIR, FTNIR, DSC and XRF.
The Tosaf R&D Additives Division also continually cooperates with raw material manufacturers and plastic processors - to ensure excellent development of existing and new products.

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