TOSAF Benelux B.V., Netherlands

For the polymer industry in the Benelux TOSAF is one of the leading players for almost three decades.
The experience, technical know-how, innovations and market knowledge have resulted in to the current foundations of our production location in Tilburg, the Netherlands.
Decentrallized production, short delivery and response times make the location in Tilburg the ideal supplier for northern Europe.
Centrallized group Research & Development support as well as global purchasing power provide our custmers the required quality standard products for a competative price.
It is the mission of TOSAF Benelux to provide its customers with simple to use products with an optimal price-performance ratio complient to the required regulatory standards.
Since 2008 TOSAF Benelux BV produces its products in accordance to the DIN EN ISO 9001 certification requirements.
With its ambitions: “Colors for the future – your partner in Color Materbatches and additives close to you” TOSAF Benelux is your prefered supplier.

TOSAF Benelux BV originated in 2010 by the merger of Colcom Netherlands, Color Masters and TOSAF Belgium.
1966- Colormasters originated as a separate company within Curver in order to be able to develop their own color-masterbatches.
1995- The company Curver was taken over by Newell Rubbermaid and Colormasters changed it’s name to Compound Master.
2005- Newell Rubbermaid in it’s turn was taken over by EPG (European Plastic Group) and Compoundmaster became New Compound Master.
2007- New Compound Master split of from EPG was taken over by Tosaf together with the moving of Tosaf Belgium to the Netherlands.
2009- Colcom Europe BV was taken over by Tosaf.
Colcom Europe BV was founded in 2003 and was mainly active in the regenerate- and crate-industry.
2011- After the complete integration of New Compound Master and Colcom Europe BV into the Tosaf group the company was renamed to Tosaf Benelux BV.

Contact Information

Address|Hectorstraat 11, 5047 RE  TILBURG
Telephone|+31 13 767 63 00
Fax|+31 13 515 99 81
Contact|Mr. Francois Steenssens
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