Tosaf Films & Packaging

The films and packaging industry is one of the largest in the plastics industries – if not the largest. As a leading manufacturer, Tosaf is proud to offer an extensive range of additives for this industry, to ensure optimal processes and end products for our customers.

Tosaf products for the film and packaging industry include:

Slip – Easily converted into a final product, the Tosaf Slip Additives reduce the friction between the layers of film, and between the film and other surfaces.

Anti-Block – When added to the plastic film formulation, the Tosaf Anti-Blocking Additives minimize adhesion caused by plastic films sticking together ("blocking) and make it easier to separate the film layers.

Anti-Static – By using the Tosaf Anti-Static Additives, static electricity is significantly reduced or eliminated. Plastic films often create static electricity as a result of high surface resistivity combined with low dielectric constant.

Anti-Fog Tosaf offers Surface Active Additives for anti-fog purposes, which differ in chemistry, purity, MW, etc. Fog, also known as dripping, is the condensation of water vapors on the surface of transparent plastic films in the form of small droplets.

Processing Aid Tosaf Processing Aids successfully help overcome processability problems which may be due to high molecular weight polymers.

Anti-OxidantTosaf Anti-Oxidant protects polymers from degradation that is caused by the creation of free radicals during  production. By using Anti-Oxidant, loss of mechanical and esthetical properties are avoided.