Tosaf Group - Additives, Compounds and Colors for the Plastics Industry

A global leader in developing and manufacturing high quality Additives, Compounds and Color Masterbatches for the plastics industry, The Tosaf Group is privately owned. Company's shareholders are Megides Holdings Ltd. and the Ravago Group.

A significant pioneer in the plastics industry, Tosaf was founded in 1986 and specialized in colors. In 1993, the company also began producing additives and compounds. In 2001, the Tosaf International BV holding company was set up, and two years later the company began production in Turkey and Benelux. The company later expanded to Germany, UK, Ukraine and the Netherlands while also expanding the production capacity of the existing plants.

Constantly increasing its activity in world markets, Tosaf aims at providing its customers worldwide with all they need, when they need it. Through continuous expansion of sales offices, distributors, front warehouses and agents, the company presently covers over 40 countries worldwide, including Europe, North America, South America, Asia and the Middle East, and has 10 major production sites in different countries. The company's annual sales turnover is approximately €300M and its annual production capacity is over 100K tons.

Tosaf prides itself on being a large, international company with  personalized services.
                    Tosaf in a Snapshot

Sales Turnover

Production Capacity

120K tons

Number of Employees 


Production Sites

11 plants in 7 countries

Sales Offices 

Over 40 countries

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